Altitude: 300-350mt. Above sea level.
Olive Variety: Agogia 20%, Raggiola 10%, Moraiolo 30%, Frantoio & Leccino 40%.
Harvesting Method: By hand.
Extraction Method: By continuous cycle
Appearance: Slightly cloudy or clear through natural sedimentation.
Colour: Pale green
Fragrance: Rich and with a scent of raw vegetables
Flavour: With notes of almond and vegetables it is well balanced with a lasting flavour
Consistency: Medium fluidity.
Use: Suitable for soups, pasta, shellfish, salads, meats, cheeses, crostini and vegetables.
Production: Limited, packaged in special dark glass bottles of 750cl, 500cl and 250cl capacity.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place at ambient temperature 15C-18C. Keep away from direct heat and infra-red light as this will damage the oil.