IThe new product GRAN CRU is produced and certified after the exact traceability draw plate of production according to the norm UNI 10939/01 reg. CE 2080/05 Azione 4/A of the “Sector traceability and certification of oliveoil and olives”. To know the identità of Olio Extra Vergine (extra vergin olive oil) in this bottle, send us an SMS to the number 335104999484 and digit the code of traceability written on the neck of the same bottle.
L’UNIPROL (Unione Nazionale Produttori Olivicoli) will send you a SMS telling you the place of production of the olives, the variety, the oil-mill and the place of production, the chemical characteristics and the particolar smells and flavours with advices for perfect combinations of food and oil.


Altitude: 300-350 mt. slm
Olive variety:
Dolce Agogia, Frantoio, Leccino Moraiolo
Harvesting Method:
By hand.
Extraction Method:
By continuous cycle
Slightly cloudy or clear through natural sedimentation.
Green with golden reflections.
Medium light and fruity, fresh vegetables and fruits.
Medium to lightly scented with notes of artichoke and almond, slightly peppery, harmonic with a long aromatic tone.
Much fluid.
Use: Ideal for fish hors d’oeuvres, carpaccio (thin slices of raw meat), risotto and pasta dishes, soups, vegetables, boiled fish and meat. Fresh cheese.
packaged in special dark glass bottles of 750 cl
Store in a cool dry place at ambient temperature 15C-18C. Keep away from direct heat and infra-red light as this will damage the oil.