Altitude: 300-350mt. above sea level.
Olive variety:
Agogia 10%, Raggiola 20%, Moraiolo 20%, Frantoio & Leccino 50%.
Harvesting method:
By continuous cycle
Extraction method: Mmechanical method and then skimming the oil from the paste using paddles.
Slightly cloudy or clear through natural sedimentation.
Colour: Green with golden reflections.
Fragrance: A fresh olive smell combined with delicate scents of raw vegetables, almond flowers and fresh fruit. Flavour:Fruity, fragrant and delicately balanced with notes of apple, celery, artichoke and sweet almond. It is the “perfect” oil: clearly fruity but delicate, with all its scents and flavours remaining integral thanks to its special and exclusive extraction method.
Very fluid.
Use: Best when used raw on fine fish and meat hors d’oeuvres, fish and shellfish, raw and cooked vegetables, various delicate dishes and in sauces such as salmoriglio andmayonnaise. It is especially suited for use in baby food and ideal when weaning.
Production: Very limited, packaged in special dark glass bottles of 750cl, 500cl and 250cl capacity.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place at ambient temperature 15C-18C. Keep away from direct heat and infra-red light as this will damage the oil.